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that maybe one of the things that creates a sense of peacefulness in the social environment is that we have so many different religions and a first amendment that protects religious freedom that we don't have one religion rising to the surface or competing or two or three. well, one thing we wanted to do with our new version of beliefs and believers is to go to a part of the world where we do see more of the tensions between religion, and the spot we picked on, dare i say, was israel and then to some extent egypt. and we wanted to go to israel in particular because there isn't such a diverse cultural environment in terms of religion, so that the tensions are, in some senses, watered down. as we all know, unless you've been meditating in a cave for the past 20 years, israel and the social environment in israel is very tense in terms of the relationship between the three great faiths that actually share something of a cultural tradition- judaism, christianity, and islam. and so what we- we have an extraordinary opportunity, and something like a great risk. i'm surprised david ainsworth, our e
protecting -- protecting the environment. we look forward to working with our colleagues in the senate and on the other side of the aisle to ensure that all the needs are met and protected. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker: the gentleman's time is reserved. the gentleman from alaska. mr. young: i yield whatever time he may consume to mr. walden. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. walden: chairman young, thank you for your help on this, chairman hastings as well and mr. grijalva, thank you for your comments. i want to thank representative defazio for his work on this, among many others. as was pointed out in 2012, this bill passed the house unanimously. i'm glad to see this legislation is once again before this chamber. the legislation is a collaborative effort between the city of primeville, the river conservancy and we worked through the confederated tribes among others. i'm grateful for their efforts in creating and moving this legislation forward this bill will create jobs in central oregon, will remove government red tape. this is a photo of bowm
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. ♪ [ male announcer ] a lot of vehicles protect you from one side. we developed a way to help protect you from both sides. [ tapping ] introducing an industry-first front-center air bag, available in the chevrolet traverse. it's american ingenuity to find new roads. >>> welcome back. we are in chicago today. testifying on capitol hill today the administrator for the senators for medicare and medicaid services which rolled out the much maligned website for the affordable care act. she said we something we haven't heard from the obama administration. >> i want to apologize to you the website has not worked
need to create an environment where number one, we lessen the number of people that need a clearance. we do a whole lot better clearing. and that we need to create the expectation that you'll be randomly checked to see if you still deserve to have the clearance. that is the system. the details are difficult. i'm not saying it is not typical. but how we do it and how much it cost of holding contractors accountable for doing the very job we are paying them to do doesn't seem to be happening. in my question, i would like a response from you all. how do we solve this? you all laid out where we are. but how do we solve the? we have all of these areas. you know, the form, three pages of instructions, seven pages where you live, five pages of name, 17 pages of employment, four pages, 21 pages of foreign activity, to pages on emotional health, seven pages on police records, lebanon drug and alcohol. five pages on associations and three signature pages. i know you are reforming the form. the point is what we want to do is go for the goal. so not all of this, first of all his check from the qu
the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. but it sure feels that way. because with power ports... and wi-fi... and in-seat entertainment, for everyone on board, now when you fly, time flies too. (flight attendant) sir, we're about to land. (vo) we're adding a brand new plane, with all this, every week. it's just one way we're building the new american. aim >> it is october 30th and kathleen sebelius a few hours away from taking the hot seat before congress. am this as more and more americans find themselves in this situation. >> i got this letter in the mail last week it i basically says my plan has been canceled it runs out december 31st. >> we are already getting a preview of her testimony. >> a busy airport bursting into flames and killing the pilot. why did it take hours for any one to notice. >> a warning for parents every where a new u tube video teenaged girls are posting that might have dangerous consequences. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann brow
(footballnames.ecl) environment especially for a young children that they get good education, and in afghanistan it's impossible for the kids, especially for the one who is working with the american for their kids it's impossible to goe go to the schools or kindergarten to get education. but for here there is no more fear of taliban to get my children or harm my children. i you can sen can send them to s or kindergarten for a good education. >> i saw somewhere you said that in afghanistan they would learn to hold guns. here they will learn to hold a pencil and paper. >> yeah. janis when he got off the plane last night i asked him, what does this mean to you? my kids instead of having to learn how to predict and defend -- protect and defend themselves, when they go to school they will be taught to hold a pen and pencil and piece of paper. >> janis welcom well to welcomed states. >> straight ahead the surprising pick for the most powerful person in the world. and mariel hemingway talks about millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. >>> up next is the golde
around someone saying, "come with me." teens who reach out to teens can foster a bias free environment. >> big day in boston, a lot to celebrate. darren haynes is here with the sports. >> after the red sox won its third series title in 10 years, today's parade held a different region - a time where trag di became triumph in boston. for the first time thousands of fans lined the city. parades started at fenway park and ended at the charles river. the red sox beat the st louis cardinals in six games to win a world title. >> the flyers lost 7-0 to the capitals. two goalies fought. they got into it in a game that featured 114 penalty minutes. >> and denver broncos head coach was hospitalized after feeling light-headed. fox was on a golf course, and was taken to a charlotte hospital. the broncos released a statement saying that fox did not preerns heart attack symptoms. the broncos are on their bye this week. stereo still ahead on al jazeera america. more on the u.s. drone strike that killed the head of taliban and pakistan. pakistan said the strike compromised peace talks. more on the thr
work tout teens can foster a bias free environment. sf >> hunger is on a lot of people's minds following the cuts to the food program. sculptures are being made from donated food. architects and students are competing to collect the best sculptures, and they are hoping to collect 9,000 pounds of non-perishable goods to hand out. all righty. time for sport with darren hayes. a little health concern with the head coach of denver. >> john fox was hospitalized after feeling light-headed. fox was on a golf course when he experienced symptoms and was taken to a hospital. the broncos released a statement saying fox did not experience heart attack symptoms. they are on a bye this week. >> after the red sox won their title, their parade was a time when tragedy became triumph. for the first time since the boston marathon, thousands lined the streets. it started from the green monster at fenway park, and ended at charles river. >> englands premier league stoke city's goalkeeper did something rarely seen - watch his back pass go down the field, cash wind and bounce high over south hamp ton
we should at this point say more guns in the airport environment, even in the hands of qualified individuals, is precisely what we want to automatically determine to do. jon: tom blank is the former deputy directly of the transportation security administration. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. jenna: a judge is delaying the trial of former egyptian president morsi. he and other former officials are charged with inciting the killing of protestors in egypt. morsi was defiant in court today, interrupting the proceedings telling the judge he can't be on trial because he is egypt's true leader. despite the military coup that overthrew him in july. still a crowd gathering outside the courthouse today showing support for the now deposed president. we have the very latest on all of this. >> you might say deja vu all over again. a deposed egyptian president in court on a sham trial that was postponed for months. in this case, morsi is due in court in january. he had been held since july. we haven't seen him since then. he was taken into court. he looked healthy and he
to manipulate your environment, also known as your hand. and there's so much more than google glasses. >> meta's success will, in part, hinge on a robust app store. a pair will start at $367. and will ship in january. >> this is the same stuff we saw in a tom cruise movie. i can't remember the name of the movie,. >> minority report. >> thank you. >>> it's the one night of the year when you can dress any way you want. and no one will make fun of you for it. >> that's right. bob turk has the updated first warning forecast coming up next. >>> and maryland is celebrating halloween. and we ask to send in your favorite halloween pictures. to check the complete slide show, log onto bla ,,,,,,,,,,,, tnÑñ >>> here at the wjz mobile weather lab. you cannot just show up at someone's haunted house. this is lea ann. how long have you been doing this? >> about 20 years now. >> reporter: 20 years. does it ever not get fun. >> always fun. >> hopefully the trick or treaters will have a lot of fun. for more now, sending it to bob turk. >> looks like you guys are having a great time out there
a political point. i think i was trying to describe the environment that i found myself in. i am a pastor first and foremost. i'm not a politician. i am descriptive rather than prescriptive. so what i was describing was phenomena that i saw on both side of the aisle. i think, for instance, i made a statement, remove the burdens of those who are the collateral damage of this federal shutdown. most of my members were furloughed. i'm aware of the burden that is they have to bear. i made a plea for their not to be a delay in death benefits to the grieving families of our fallen warriors. i did that primarily because i have made scores of death notifications to next of kin as a navy chap plain for 27 years and i appreciate the incomprehensible nature of their grief. so i was praying out of pastoral concern rather than trying to make a political point. >> do you feel as though you were giveing a voice some somes those people who were furloughed or for military families then? >> i think a critical part of prayer is to lift to god the concerns and the need of the people you serve. so you are a vo
to the committee on energy and natural sources and the committee on environment and public works. officer without objection, so ordered. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to s. 1561. calendar number 228. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 228, s. 1561, a bill to amend the public health service act to improve provisions relating to the sanctuary system for surplus chimpanzees. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding to the measure? the presidinwithout objection. mr. reid: i ask that the committee-reported substitute amendment be agreed to, the bill as amended be read a third time, passed, the motion to reconsider be laid on the table, with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. reid: i now ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to h.r. 3109. the presiding officer: clrt. the clerk will report. the clerk: an act to provide for the continued performance of the functions of the united states parole commission and for other purposes. the presiding officer: is there ob
. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> the vice president joe biden also fessing up to the failures of the obama care web site promising a fix. listen to this from an exclusive interview he granted christi paul from our sister network hln. >> we were under the impression that it was ready to go. we had the president to his credit almost seven weeks out are we ready? we'd be tolled by the pros, this all looks ready to go. all in line. neither he nor i are technology geeks. and we assumed that it was up and ready to run. >> more of our situation room special report obama care under fire right after this. had two : help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing wh
in the health care environment, he is getting the ax on january 1, not that they were trying to force him into it, but that he would be getting kicked off the program. forcing insurance companies to change their plan? you bet they are. here is from carefirst, maryland. an individual sent me this letter. pick a requires you to new plan to maintain coverage because your current plan will ceased to exist at the time of your renewal. >> the letters will be in the record. >> thank you. i have specific questions i would like to have you answer. when did we become aware of the proms with the website? >> i think cms became aware of the problems in the first week when we have the volume search. clue therenot have a would be a problem on october 1 when the website went live? >> the problems we saw in the first week, we attributed to volume. once the volume started to back down -- how about before october 1 echo was there any sense there would be problems with the website? >> no. there are always going to be website, the new customary glitches you see, but no. not this. >> did you have any meetings
. american workers have had to adapt to keep pace with this changing environment. so should our laws. instead of sticking with an antiquated labor law, i believe we need to update the fair labor standards act to actually meet the changing needs of workers. that's why i'm introducing the family friendly and workplace flexibility act. this bill will allow flexible workplace arrangements such as compensatory time and flexible credit-hour agreements which are currently available to employees working for the federal government. federal employees already have this. allow that to be extended to businesses regulated by the fair labor standards act. currently the flsa prohibits employers from offering compensatory time or comptime to their hourly employees. this bill would amend the flsa to allow private employers to offer kofrpl -- comptime to employees at a rate of a hour to every half-hour of work. an employee can monetary payment. this gives the option to include paid time off over work instead. there is no need for washington to stand in the way of families earning the time that they need. this b
and transparent investment environment. our process for reviewing national security inch cakeses of foreign investment in the united states focuses solely on national security considerations and reviews are pleated within a period of one to three months. so as we press forward, we know where we need to focus our efforts. the prioritiest just outlined are clear and doable. they amount to real solutions that will make a real difference for our economy now and in the future. and i'd like to close by thanking the commerce department for hosting this summit, as well as everyone in this room for coming today. america has always been known as the land of opportunity. a place where you can make it if you try. and have no doubt, opportunity in the united states is very much alive and well. it's alive for our workers, it's alive for our businesses, and it's alive for all of you who invest here. thank you very much. [applause] >> commerce secretary penny pritzger and president obama will be speaking to the group about 1:20 eastern, we'll have live coverage of that. in the senate, the nomination of for
an environment of economic growth and stability within the marketplace. we applaud them for the inclusiveness he had shown our industry during the rulemaking process. our speakers understand the importance of coordination and input from policy leaders, consumer advocates, and industry professionals. it gives me great pleasure to introduce our first honored guest. on august 20 5, 2 thousand nine, president obama designated edward demarco the director of the federal housing agency. previously, he served as the officer sinceputy careereption in 2008. a civil servant, he joined the office of federal housing enterprise oversight and into thousand six as the chief operating officer and deputy director. years, mbapast four and its members have enjoyed an open and collaborative relationship with fhsa. we hope this collaboration continues into the future. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the acting director, ed dimarco -- demarco. [applause] >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for inviting me to speak this morning. byould like to start congratulating the mortgage bankers association on the 10
programs and their indicator the same as we. it's not a medicare trend but across the entire environment. early success encouraging a lot of work to do. >> i see the recent data that came out about beneficiary costs being revised downward yet again. that's going to be the key to the unfunded liabilities that we're facing driving these budget deficits, rising het care costs. there's a lot that is going. mr. chairman, i would respectfully recommend that some futd you're hearing we call her back, mainly focused on cost containment within the health care system so we can delve into it in greater detail. >> i'm sure she'll be anxious to come back. >> we have two more. mr. reed and then mr. kelly, mr. reed. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, miss tavenner, we worked together before and i appreciate that relationship. you've demonstrated to me in that relationship and those prior dealings a very high level of competence. i've been listening to your testimony today. and i really want to focus on my oversight responsibilities on this committee. you had indicated to mr. buchanan, that you were
and environment coalition, i rise today to recognize the one-year anniversary of superstorm sandy and remember those who tragically lost their lives, as well as those continuing to rebuild from that destruction. in the years since superstorm sandy ravaged the east coast, communities across the nation have suffered through new extreme droughts, storms, wildfires, and flooding. my home state of hawaii is incredibly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. as you can imagine a sea level rise is a real threat and concern for us. earlier this year honolulu joined more than 70 other u.s. communities asking for the president to cut greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change and increasing hawaii's risk of extreme weather events and sea level rise. when i was in the hawaii legislature, i'm proud to say we passed a bill, and we were one of the first states to address the greenhouse gas emissions. as we reflect on this somber anniversary, i remain committed to ensure people of hawaii have the resources to prepare, respond, and recover from devastation. we must all remember it is climat
of significant changes and pressures in the health care environment, he would be getting the axe on january 1st. not that they were trying to force them into it, but that he would be getting kicked off the program. forcing insurance companies to change their plan, you bet they are. here's from care first, maryland, individual sent me this letter. the aca requires you to pick a new plan to maintain coverage because your current plan will cease to exist at the time of your any newal through the aca. >> without objection the letters will be in the record. >> i have specific questions i'd like to have you answer. when did cms become aware of the problems with the website? >> i think cms became aware of the problems within the first week and we had the volume surge. >> cms didn't have a clue there was going to be a problem on october 1st when the website went live, is that correct? >> the problems that we saw in the first week, we attributed to volume, once it started -- >> how about before october 1st? any sense at all there would be problems with the website? >> no, not -- there are always going t
in no way allows them back into the banking environment and it in no way permits a bailout of banks because of derivatives. it makes sense to spend, even though we've spent a lot of time on this today, to spend time on the rest oy of this -- history of the bill. then-ranking member barney frank takes a suggestion from then-representative nan hayworth to repeal section 716. the then-ranking member says let's not repeal it. let's allow for the plain vanilla common derivatives to remain in the banks and push out the dangerous ones. the democratic staff helps draft this. i'm personally asked to offer this amendment to nan haworth's bill. she accepts it. a voice vote is passed, the bill is passed in the last congress. the minority supports it, well all forth it -- support it this year the same thing comes before us, we've beginned up the press, ginned up the press, ginned up the bloggers, what is different? what passed in bipartisan fashion last congress real toiv this congress. he london whale? j.p. morgan was hedging. that's allowed. what has changed is that we no longer do the hard work of fi
states for those who carry firearms. ultimately, this effort fosters a wild west environment in our communities where individuals play the role of judge, jury and executioner. in my home state of ohio, house bill 203 would with expand the concealed-carry law to permit the use of lethal force wherever an individual is legally permitted to be while removing the tooth to retreat. the duty to retreat. this change to current law would bring ohio in line with other stand your ground states. proponents of stand your ground laws often allege that these laws deter crime. however, the opposite is true. according to a study by the university of texas a&m, states with stand your ground laws have seep an 8% increase in homicides. the enforcement of stand your ground laws too often rely on the decisions of those with cultural biases on whether a person's life is in danger. not surprisingly, these decisions have had a disparate impact on african-americans. the urban institute's justice policy center found that in stand your ground states 35.9% of shootings involving a black shooter are justified.
some daunting challenges, that we are working in a very complicated environment to craft a very technical bill that touches so many important parts of our society, of our economy and of this country as a whole, and i know that there are many different perspectives on social policy, on agricultural production policy, but i'm confident that the spirit that's been demonstrated in achieving this point, passage of both the bills out of the house and senate committees and across the floor, that we can accomplish that. and i would be most remiss if i didn't note the special appreciation i have for my ranking member and my friend, i believe, collin peterson, as well as all of my friends at this table, and most assuredly those on the other side of the table. i take this responsibility that we have together to accomplish this very important goal very seriously. i live in the part of the country where between mother nature and federal policy, on two -- almost three occasions in this last century, my folks saw their way of life nearly completely destroyed. i know that we cannot persuade mot
hygiene really is this idea of making our living environment conducive to us sleeping the best we can. couple things to keep in mind. i mentioned the importance of going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time, that's important so keep that schedule. other things we can do at home, make sure we're avoiding caffeine and large meals right before bedtime. that really disrupts our sleep patterns. there's a couple of other things also. exercise as a physician i always want my patients to exercise but not before bedtime because this could keep you awake as well. make sure that your bedroom is conducive to sleeping, that the temperature is not too warm, nice and cool,' temperate and also make sure we're turning off the phones, turning off the television and the computers, because we really want to get our mind geared up and ready to rest. >> no tweeting before bed? okay, so says the doctor. we want to turn to another topic on a slightly different note a report out of brooklyn, eight sixth graders were hospitalized, two sent to the doctor after axe body spray was sprayed in a c
-- "for the first time in decades, the business environment in the united states is in danger of falling behind the rest of the world" -- end quote. and what did they identify as the root of america's competitiveness problem? respondents -- these are 10,000 harvard business school graduates, working all around the world including the united states -- those folks pointed to america's tax code as the root of the problem. specifically, they pointed to the complexity of the code as one of the greatest current or emerging weaknesses in the u.s. business environment. the harvard study made clear our current tax code puts american businesses at a competitive disadvantage on the world market. that should obviously concern us. so where do we go from here? i believe we have to reform our tax code. we have to adapt. we have to help make america more competitive. it's pretty clear, pretty simple, give companies like applied materials a reason to keep their headquarters here in the united states. we have been through a difficult and counterproductive period here on capitol hill, the recent shutdown,
because teams thrive in an open and welcoming environment where individuals are bringing their full selves to work. the bill we're debating protects liberty which allows religious organizations to continue to take sexual orientation and gender identity into account when making employment decisions in their religious organizations. enda, i might point out, is supported by 60 faith-based organizations including congregations and organizations ranging from the presbyterian church of america, the episcopal church, the progressive national baptist convention, the union of reformed judaism, the union synagogue of conservative judaism, islamic society of north america, and many others. polls, as i said, show a lot of different things. polls show 76% of american catholics support basic workplace protections for lgbt workers. almost 70% in that poll of evangelical christians support lgbt employment protections. there's overwhelming support for this bill, as i said, amongst people of faith and religious-based organizations. so again, i acknowledge the leadership of senator kirk, the bill's lead spon
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)